Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Winter Project Completed!

$3.00 yard sale lamp - painted
$14.00 Target lamp shade - painted
Satisfaction: Priceless!

This project was so much fun. The white lampshade had to be reverse painted so that the white decorative spaces would remain transparent. A lot of hours to paint this freehand, but I love the result!

On to the next winter project!


  1. Such a beautiful lamp! I came across your blog from The Inspired Room. What kind of paint did you use? Did you have to treat it with anything when you were done?

  2. Thank you, so much! I used acrylic paint. I tried some more expensive tube acrylic and it was too thick, so I used some cheap bottle paint I had bought. I haven't treated it with anything yet, but I think I will put a layer of clear acrylic over it to keep the dust from settling. The paint leaves a very rough surface and it catches more dust than the regular lampshade. Good luck!

    Hugs from Poland,